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Promotional products are ordinary items that advertise your company, organization or event by having words and images printed on them.  Those words and images are your "artwork."  That artwork will be printed on pens and note cubes, screen printed on t-shirts and embroidered on polo shirts and hats – turning those familiar items into promotional products.

Needless to say, when you buy something you need to send us your art for that particular item – unless you're a repeat customer and we already have it.  If you don't have your own art, don't worry.  Just give us a call, talk to us about what you'd like to show on your promotional product and we'll do the art for you.  Design work we do for you, as long as it's not too sophisticated, is free.  Our pleasure.

The basic procedure for sending us your art...

After you place your order on-line, we'll send you a confirming email.  You'll reply to that email and attach your artwork.  If there are any problems with the art we receive – or if we don't receive any art – we'll let you know.  When we receive your art, we'll send you a proof, a mockup for your approval.  Only then, if you like what you see, will we ask for your credit card and finalize your purchase.

An important note about buying apparel...

When you buy shirts and other items of apparel, the prices we show on-line will not include imprinting.  In fact, you won't know the final price of these products until we send you a proof for your approval.  That's because we won't know precisely how much to charge you until we prepare that mockup.

Most of the promotional products you buy – the big exception being apparel – are imprinted with your logo and other company information by the supplier of that item.  Pens are good example.  When you buy a BiC promotional pen, it comes to you having been imprinted by BiC.  Apparel is a different story.

As a rule, apparel is sold "blank," without any imprinting on it.  The t-shirts you pick out are sent from the supplier to our screen printer and then on to you.  That's why, in addition to the cost of that t-shirt, we need to charge you extra for imprinting.

For apparel, imprinting is something that's done either by screen printing for t-shirts and sweatshirts or embroidery for polo shirts and hats.

Screen printing is the process of pushing special inks through screens that are made specifically for your art.  That way, each color of the ink flows onto your shirt where it should to make your image and lettering.  One color per screen.  Understandably, the more colors you need for your art, the more time consuming and expensive the process.

In general, screen printing involves the following charges:

1.  A set-up charge.  Set-up charges can run from $20 to $40 per color.  Basically, you're being charged to make the screens.

2.  The costs of screen printing.  The more colors, the higher the cost per shirt.  The more t-shirts or sweatshirts you buy, the lower the cost per shirt.

3.  Charges for flashing.  "Flashing" is what screen printers do when a second coat of ink is necessary for a given color.  Suppose, for example, that you're printing white letters on a dark Navy blue shirt.  Sometimes, a single coat of ink isn't enough to make the white lettering bold and sharp, so a second coat is necessary.

The point is that charges for screen printing are not easily calculated by website programming.  We can design our website to make a rough guess, but we'd still have to review your art before precise pricing can be confirmed.  Better to leave it to our screen printing professionals to study your art, calculate the costs depending upon the number of colors and how many shirts or other items you're buying and send you final pricing for your apparel that including screen printing.  And that's what we do.  Press on the "Placing An Order" menu button for additional information.

Embroidery is an even more complex process.  This is because the costs of embroidery depend, not only upon the number of polo shirts or hats you buy, but also upon the number of stitches that your artwork requires.  Unfortunately, that's not something we can estimate before we see your artwork.  The more hats or polo shirts you buy, the lower the costs.  A larger or more complicated design requiring more stitches will be more expensive.

The point is, there's no point in guessing.  You'll send us your art for the polo shirts or hats you want to buy.  Our embroidery specialists will study it, estimate its cost and send you a proof in an email with a revised, firm price for your order that includes embroidery.  Once again, your order isn't final until you approve that proof and the updated prices we send you with it.


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