Placing An Order

Buying imprinted items on-line isn't "e-commerce" in the usual sense.

If you're just buying t-shirts, for example, without anything printed on them, you pick them out, pay for them and the seller ships them to your address.  There's nothing for you to approve.

Promotional products are different.  We're going to be putting your artwork on whatever you buy.  By "art" we mean that combination of words and maybe a logo or other image that you want people to see.  For us to charge you before you see and approve a mockup of your promotional product wouldn't be right.  So we don't.

Pricing may also be a reason to delay charging you.  For non-apparel items, our website pricing will usually include the costs of imprinting, but apparel is handled differently.  For items of apparel, shirts and hats for example, we're often unable to confirm the cost of imprinting your product until we see your art.  We can, for example, show you the price of the "blank" (un-imprinted) version of those polo shirts you like, but the costs of embroidering your logo on those shirts isn't something our website can estimate for you.

Shipping costs are also difficult for our website to calculate for you – particularly if you're buying apparel that requires imprinting by a screen printing or embroidery specialist – and so those costs may have to be added later.

So, for reasons related to pricing and until you see a mockup of your art, there's going to be a lag between when you pick out your products on-line and when we charge you for them.  Naturally, we'll do our best to keep that lag to a minimum.

Here's how the process works...

STEP 1.  Pick out what you'd like to buy.  You'll pay us later, after we confirm your total costs – including screen printing or embroidery, if any – and after you approve a mockup of your promotional product.

STEP 2.  We'll send you an email confirming the order.

STEP 3.  You'll reply and attach your art – or a note telling us that you don't have any art, but giving us your best description of what you want your imprint to say or look like.

STEP 4.  We'll send you back a proof for your approval.

STEP 5.  You'll reply with your approval and credit card information – and that's when we'll charge you for your order.

Generally speaking, that whole process will take well less than 1 business day.  Orders can be cancelled any time before Step 5.

And that's how it works when you buy imprinted, promotional products on-line.


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